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Flamin' Hot!

Caterer of the Month

Win brownie points from colleagues and clients with heaven sent souvlaki from yours truly. Our lip-smacking Greek cuisine is sure to put a smile on their faces and bring a touch of ambience to the occasion.

Whether you want to reward your comrades for a business milestone or need flamin’ hot caterers for a corporate charity event, Meat and Greek can deliver the goods.

Meat the Mark

From schmoozy client parties to company-wide meetings, we can guarantee your event will be talk of the town for all the right reasons. Using the freshest ingredients available, our friendly team work damn hard to deliver authentic Greek cuisine that passes the taste test with flying colours.

We consider Cypriot souvlaki to be something of an art form and that’s why we cook it just like they do on the streets of Greece- outdoors and grilled over charcoal. You won’t get a faceless commodity when you choose us, but you will get warm smiles, delicious aromas and authentic Greek BBQ food cooked with love.

We’d be delighted to rustle up something scrummy at your business event; all we ask is that you have an outdoor space to accommodate our alfresco BBQ.

You're Hired

If you’d like to see us cooking up a storm at charity events, meetings or any corporate affair in-between…

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